Manhattan, New York, USA

Home by birth and never forgotten. New Yorkers are a special breed. The speed, the colors, the lights, the sounds, the smells, and the people and their foods are what make New York the "boiling pot of America".

New York forever

While the picture is old, it holds the memory of the twin towers.

The Chelsea area of New York City

Chelsea brownstone apartment building

This is the brown stone building where me and my brother grew up.

It is located on 25th street between 7th and 8th avenue in New York City.

The architecture of the building was designed in what was called dumb bell style and is actually twin apartment buildings linked together. This building must be around 100 years old now and was originally heated using coal that was deposited in the front areas on the side of the stoops.

My original neighborhood, Chelsea, was and still has many of the great old apartment buildings that originally covered the city. In my opinion, brownstone buildings have to be one of the best overall architectural designs that can blend in perfectly with the new. One of the best made concepts was that of the stoop, where me and my friends all hanged-out during the days and evenings. In addition, where else could you play stoop ball?

The city that never sleeps will always be my home away from home.

I wish the best to my friends from 25th Street.

Peter Bournias at 264 West 25th Street New York City

Visiting the "block" brings back many memories, Peter Bournias May 2014.

And one of my recent (2005) favorite shots depicting

a schooner in the midst of a modern city.

Schooner docked in Manhattan

Here is a great video clip for those who want to have a quick look around New York City just below this image.

A facinating tour of New York

New York City day time video

Another facinating video of New York with great opening night scenes and many places that are not seen by tourists or New Yorkers.

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