TELEPHONE SYSTEMS - Analog and Digital

The purpose of this section is for those of you who have multi story homes and you want to avoid the problems of having to pick up a phone from one area while maintaining privacy while you talk.

The only way to do this is using a telephone center with wired or wireless phones or the newer dect phones.   As I have a Panasonic telephone center that is slightly dated around 10 years and I had installed wiring for a centralized system when I built the house, I can say that this system has saved a great deal of foot traffic for four floors of internal stairs.  As a matter of fact, even the newer 2.4 ghz phones do not function very well especially since our home is built with a large amount of steel bracing and concrete for earthquake standards.

Anyway, this simple system handles 3 incoming telephone lines and 8 internal telephones providing me with a free line for voice, and faxing if necessary.  In addition to this, the isdn unit provides 2 msn's or telephone numbers on one line providing a digital line.  As the telephone center can be programmed, it allows a variety of ways to have which telephones ring and the order of the ring around the home.

The final addition is that of adsl broadband through the use of a splitter and a router/modem that allows multiple computers to connect to the Internet at the same time.  These pc's are also wired due to the same problem that the 2.4 ghz phones have in terms of signal strength.  Hopefully the 5 ghz will work through concrete and steel better.

One note regarding the item called netmod in the diagram below is that this unit is an ISDN box supplied by the telephone company that basically splits one line into two virtual telephone lines and can be programmed with a secondary msn to provide a separate telephone number for use either as a secondary telephone number or faxing.

In the case of a simple telephone line, that unit would not exist and the line would be referred to as PSTN.

As this telephone center is an older model, the graphic shows separately installed caller-id units to keep track of calls.

This telephone center can also be used in an adsl installation using and adsl filter before connecting the telphone center to either the isdn or pstn line.



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