My home's triple heating system

Warning:  Any work you do on your own is at your own risk!!!

The following information is for a triple heating system.  That means that hot water can be heated by three (3) different sources, sunlight, electricity, and through the burning of fuel oil by the furnace.

Using a solar collector to heat copper tubing inside a rectangular housing, the heated anti-freeze coolant similar to that which is used in cars holds the heat and transfers it through the piping through the hot water tank.

In the second image, we see a more detailed analysis of the hot water tank.  In the drawing we can see the (1) connection of the pipes from the solar collector, (2) pipes connecting the furnace, and the (3) electrical heating element that completes the system.The additional images show the control box of the furnace and details various connections that control the pumps, thermostats, meters, relays, etc. that complete the circuits to control the furnace.

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