A Harlem Globetrotter

Well basketball may not have been my niche but if you knew about the travelling for three out of the four years at DuBois that I had do, you'd probably agree that almost 4 hours per day kept me away from most, but not all, of the school events.

my dubois id during senior year at Biship Dubois

Bishop DuBois was located on 152nd St. and Amsterdam Ave. in Manhattan, N.Y. and was a catholic high school.

For me, high school was the best place to have fun and learn.

The best period of my life even if I had to work 20 hours a week.

Well even though the school or the website may not be there anymore, I have managed to document it for historical purposes on the internationally known wikipedia.

Besides the information at wikipedia, if you are an alumnus and want to find others from BDHS, all you have to do is search Facebook.  Many of the alumni are now online there.

The original website of Bishop Dubois High School

The original website of Bishop Dubois High School

This will display a larger image of the front page.

In dedication to BDHS and the faculty and alumni.

DBHS at Wikipedia

Video of the DBHS 2001 Reunion

A pit stop - Suffolk County Community College

While we all should have a better education at an institution of higher education, we should always consider the economics of the investment.

Majoring in Business? Why not start from now? Why pay big bucks just to gain credits for English, Math, History, and whatever other minors are necessary.

Life at SCCC gave me an opportunity to live in the country side of Long Island, N.Y., for which I am grateful. I would also like to complement this institution as an excellent choice for any student.

And for those of you who are too far for a class re-union:

Suffolk County Community College

Pace University id

Last stop - Pace University

As a Pace University student, I achieved a better understanding of how the world ticks. The school campus lives and breaths in the middle of the financial heartbeat of N.Y.C.'s Wall Street area.

Although time as a university student is supposed to awaken one to the realities of life, I think that it merely nurtures one into a more rounded individual. The real awakening is out there trying to collect your net worth from life itself.

And for those of you who are too far for a class reunion: Pace University

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