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For those of you who still haven't explored photography using a digital camera, here are some more tips to save your pictures in organized files.

Photo file organization, click here to enlarge

Photo file organization

When importing photos from my digital camera, I want to keep the pictures in date order without loosing the sequence that I took the shots.

My camera usually names them as follows, DSCFxxxxx, I create a new folder using a date format such as 2007_0630_ year month and day organization.

Then I copy the photos into the new folder. After all the photos are copied into their new folder, I don't erase them from the camera's memory until I have finished the next procedure as a safety precaution.

Photo files renaming utility, click here to enlarge

Photo files renaming utility

Notice the underscores in the file name, I do this instead of using spaces to keep an easy to see uniform pattern.

Renaming all the files from DSCFxxxxx to 2007_0630_xxxxx is easily done using another program called Windows Commander, a superior file browser to that of the Windows Explorer.

If you want to learn more about this program see this link.

Windows Commander

Last Updated Wednesday, 19 February 2014
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