21 Pictures of Nafplio, Greece by P. Bournias

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A view of the castle from the towns square in the evening.

- 208 -

A small island off of Tolo.

- 209 -

Some of the great eating places along a street in Nafplio.

- 210 -

Decorative creativity.

- 211 -

One of the smaller buildings in the city.

- 212 -

A cannon now silent.

- 213 -

With the city built on the slope of a mountain, it takes

- 214 -

Ahh, directions.  If you know Greece, then you know that

- 215 -

A memorial to those who fell in battle.

- 216 -

A view of the area known as Tolo.

- 217 -

Another view of Tolo.

- 218 -

On the port of Nafplio.

- 219 -

The castle of Nafplio.

- 220 -

A ship in the harbor.

- 221 -

A view of the central port area toward the city.

- 222 -

A view of the castle from the town square.

- 223 -

Time for a train ride to tour the city.

- 224 -

An American along way from home on a sail boat.

- 225 -

The castle known as Bruntzi that is on the water just off

- 226 -

A cafeteria by the sea.

- 227 -

One of the castle tower annexes by the port area.

- 228 -

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