27 Pictures of Chios, Greece by P. Bournias

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The newer shopping area of the city of Chora.

- 96 -

The old shopping area of the city.

- 97 -

A Muslim prayer tower from the days when the Turks occupied

- 98 -

A piece of history embedded in the wall of a modern

- 99 -

One of the older buildings remaining from before the

- 100 -

The entrance to the castle.

- 101 -

The entrance to the castle that was once used to protect the

- 102 -

A Turkish graveyard.

- 103 -

One of the noted parts of the architecture on Chios is the

- 104 -

While it's hard to tell what these actually where, they

- 105 -

A typical street on the island of Chios.

- 106 -

Inside the church at the monastery of Iera Moni Panagias.

- 107 -

Outside the church in the garden of the monastery.

- 108 -

Inside the room of the priest.

- 109 -

In memory of the priest.  Agiou Anthimou.

- 110 -

The drawing room where the nuns create painted icons.

- 111 -

The artistry of the towns people of Pyrgios on Chios.  This

- 112 -

A bust of one of my ancestors, Antonios Bournias.

- 113 -

Sunset over the port of Chios.

- 114 -

The port of Chios in the morning sun.

- 115 -

Another view of the port.

- 116 -

A memorial from the Greek revolution against Turkey in 1822.

- 117 -

This building is one of the Turkish memories that remain on

- 118 -

A closer view of the Turkish building.

- 119 -

A view of the area known as Smyrni across the narrow sea

- 120 -

An old water mill that was once used by the inhabitants of

- 121 -

A colorful array of buildings in Chora.

- 122 -

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