14 Pictures of Salamina, Greece by P. Bournias

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A memorial to those of the battle of Salamina praising the

- 775 -

The Perama area from the mound where the bronze memorial of

- 776 -

A tribute to the ancient Greeks even though it is weathered

- 777 -

Driving along from Eandio to a beach at Karakiani also known

- 778 -

The beach at Karakiani also known as Kanakia.

- 779 -

The device that was discovered encrusted with barnacles now

- 780 -

A view of the front panel of the Antikythera mechanism, a

- 781 -

Professor Xenophon Moussas signing his book on the studies

- 782 -

We drove to the area of the Megalo Doroto in Salamina to

- 783 -

A closer view of Salamina as the ferry approaches the

- 784 -

A view of the ferries along the port of Perama.

- 785 -

A parking area of aging ships waiting their time to become

- 786 -

There are now dozens of modern ferry boats that provide

- 787 -

A map of Salamina in English displaying the road routes.

- 788 -

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