79 Pictures of Oslo, Norway - Amsterdam, Holland by P. Bournias

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This oak carriage was not found among the ships but in an

- 694 -

I always found the stories of the Vikings interesting.  I am

- 695 -

The finding of a Viking sled along with the ships dictates

- 696 -

One of the three Viking ships found.  This one is the most

- 697 -

A beautiful wooden mast with carved as a serpent’s head

- 698 -

Giant bronze urns with flowing water surrounded by a

- 699 -

A young girl with long hair skylarking.

- 700 -

Past by the palace but the royal family weren’t there to

- 701 -

A view from the sculpture looking toward sculpture of the

- 702 -

A view from the sculpture looking toward the Palace in the

- 703 -

A tower of people curled and embracing each other as they

- 704 -

The clouds almost look surreal above the landscape of the

- 705 -

A man and a woman forehead to forehead embracing life

- 706 -

The Palace Park is also known by the name Vigelandpark

- 707 -

A variety of roses decorate the landscape of Norway’s

- 708 -

What do Norwegians do when there is no snow?  They sun

- 709 -

A typical compact room that included a bed, dressing

- 710 -

This is a group of homes and stores that show what the

- 711 -

This Norwegian folk artwork looks like a painting but it

- 712 -

I would hate to have to sleep in this as it appears to be

- 713 -

This metal object holds a number of candles while be

- 714 -

A close-up view of the top of the church revealing the

- 715 -

A Viking church which also was the tallest building around.

- 716 -

The entire home was built from wood and the technique to

- 717 -

My wife and a friend of ours appreciate the music and the

- 718 -

Add a fiddler, a couple, and begin dancing.  An enjoyable

- 719 -

The Norsk museum has a fantastic recreation of different

- 720 -

Looks like a night at the museum pose.  Just goes to show

- 721 -

Mother Nature gives us an incredible variety of art.  I

- 722 -

I was told that the Laps are now being referred to as Sami.

- 723 -

Want to build your own Viking ship, here is your chance.

- 724 -

Examples of keys that were used during their time.

- 725 -

This bulky door lock displays the mechanism used to lock /

- 726 -

Handles toward the top and bottom with a very large keyhole.

- 727 -

This trinket of jewelry was among the Vikings treasures.  It

- 728 -

This is an area where many locals and students from the art

- 729 -

A man on stilts standing in a canal in the business center.

- 730 -

An interesting design combining offices and apartments near

- 731 -

A building in the newly developing business center of Oslo,

- 732 -

The object in the picture is supposed to be a work of art

- 733 -

Along the port, the Oslo city hall building, not a very

- 734 -

Her name will always be synonymous with ice skating and even

- 735 -

Now where did my wife go?  Why is that diver getting ready

- 736 -

Walking develops hunger and thirst and what better a place

- 737 -

It is nice to see a statue of an American president in other

- 738 -

As we ride along the roadway I caught a glimpse of the bay

- 739 -

These tasty little treats were hand picked by our friends at

- 740 -

In front of the city hall building is a large square that

- 741 -

At the port area, there were numerous tall ships and smaller

- 742 -

A view from the Akerhus Castle wall nearest to the city with

- 743 -

Here is one of those funny little creatures that show up in

- 744 -

With about five million inhabitants in Norway, this is what

- 745 -

The trams are an enjoyable and fast way of getting around

- 746 -

One of the few monuments that are painted in color and this

- 747 -

A work of art displays a pose suitable for yoga.

- 748 -

Another view of the variety of fish available includes cod,

- 749 -

Crabs, shrimps, salmon, lobster, crawfish, and a variety of

- 750 -

If there is one place where every type of berry can be found

- 751 -

The tall government building in the back of this picture was

- 752 -

This heart and flowers both around it and in front of the

- 753 -

This is where the social network of the royal family meets

- 754 -

Remember how we always see the King and Queen in the movies

- 755 -

One of the rooms used for reading and whatever else by the

- 756 -

Another market area where plants are packaged and ready to

- 757 -

Its bad enough to have one spirit known as death around but

- 758 -

Well not exactly but in the background at the end is the

- 759 -

While I didn’t see Dungeons and Dragons in this shop, it

- 760 -

I guess that with the ability to smoke marijuana there has

- 761 -

Walking along the busy streets of the city there is traffic

- 762 -

Inside the barges on this canal are mini markets offering

- 763 -

This street has a view of barges that offer another known

- 764 -

It looks like I took this picture while leaning but it

- 765 -

Well with all the water around, there must be a better way

- 766 -

No, I’m not swearing, that is actually the name of this

- 767 -

Yes, Darth Vadar lives!  I guess that he had to go somewhere

- 768 -

Apart from canal and bus tours, there were other ways to

- 769 -

Although my first impression was expecting the buildings to

- 770 -

Just outside of the train station you can hop on-board one

- 771 -

Takes you from the airport to the heart of the city in

- 772 -

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