40 Pictures of Malta by P. Bournias

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Here is a picture of one of Malta's memorabilia, the Maltese

- 647 -

Like a fairy tale, these can be seen around the tourist

- 648 -

I decided to capture the image of this flower that is

- 649 -

A soldier dressed in the traditional Maltese military

- 650 -

Well they did back then.  As the castles along the waterway

- 651 -

From this point you can have a glimpse over the walls to see

- 652 -

The look out tower has three different sculptures, the ear,

- 653 -

The bird, hmmm bird's eye view???

- 654 -

The opthalmic perspective.

- 656 -

In the area of Mdina (pronounced Medina), this church is

- 658 -

A typical street but decorated for the upcoming celebration.

- 659 -

The sculptures of St. Mary and St. Joseph with the Jesus

- 660 -

The view of the Altar in this beautifully decorated church.

- 664 -

A view of the intricately laced dome.

- 665 -

A museum view of a medieval troops in full armor with

- 666 -

These are

- 667 -

In this cathedral are the paintings of Caravaggio depicting

- 668 -

A view of one of the main shopping streets in Valetta with

- 669 -

Now in use by the President, this building was also once the

- 670 -

Icons at the entrance to the church of  St. George.

- 672 -

On the island of Gozo is this beautiful archway of stone

- 673 -

Although Malta sits in the Mediterranean Sea, most of it's

- 674 -

A prehistoric settlement using very large stones like that

- 675 -

The port of the island of Gozo just a short distance from

- 676 -

Coastal pools for those who like the sea side without sand.

- 677 -

The harbor with yachts in docked near the main casino of

- 678 -

A fortress with an unusual beach of stone.

- 679 -

From the harbor tour boat, a seaside view of the wall

- 680 -

The gondolas are out board motor powered.

- 681 -

This is the tower that over looks the grand harbor.  In this

- 682 -

Those two extrusions at the back of the picture force a slow

- 683 -

This is what Bogey was really looking for.

- 684 -

This tomb is covered using skeletal figures and inscription.

- 685 -

The feast of St. Peter and St. Paul is considered to be the

- 686 -

Along with other touristic sites is that of glass blowing

- 687 -

One of the furnaces used for decorative glass production of

- 688 -

Military shelters used in WWII are now used as stores.

- 689 -

This German bomb found it's mark but didn't explode saving

- 690 -

The statue of the Mother Mary and the Jesus child decorate

- 691 -

Although it's a country, the roads are usually two lanes and

- 693 -

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