35 Pictures of Messinia, Greece by P. Bournias

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A center view of of the eye of Sfaktiria with a glimpse of

- 610 -

A column chiseled with a decorative bow.  Remember that

- 611 -

A view of a single standing column that has been around

- 612 -

Archeologists and workers striving in the heat of July to

- 613 -

This cat decided to pose for her picture knowing all too

- 614 -

The butterflies dance among the colorful flowers.

- 615 -

A butterfly in Methoni resting on a flower.

- 616 -

Knees at the beach among other body parts!

- 617 -

A closer view of the opening in the center of Sfaktiria.

- 618 -

Along with ancient warriors lay to rest French warriors.

- 619 -

A group of boats in Methoni decorate the beach front.

- 620 -

The border of an ancient wall separates the ancient city of

- 621 -

This ancient city happens to be one of the latest finds in

- 622 -

The grandeur of this stadium is clearly defined in the

- 623 -

An overview of the ancient stadium at Messinia.

- 624 -

The floor of this very large area has been using stone

- 625 -

The Closeup view of the mosaic floor decoration.

- 626 -

The hole in the ground is a well base for the column.  This

- 627 -

Ahhh, the Greeks loved theater and that is obvious even

- 628 -

Ancient Messini from the balcony of a cafeteria and this is

- 629 -

This is where we stayed in Methoni.  The pool area is a

- 630 -

I have seen and heard many people claim that the sunsets in

- 631 -

This is a part of the castle wall that has seen many

- 632 -

This part of the castle is at the point where any ship

- 633 -

One of the other memorials is this Russian built church

- 634 -

Declaration of battles fought at Sfaktiria with the first

- 635 -

A view of the tour boats that brought us to Sfaktiria from

- 636 -

An enjoyable tour of a few hours riding on the beautiful

- 637 -

The castle at Methoni as seen from the hotel.

- 638 -

This is what the air and water beaten walls of the castle

- 639 -

Methoni Castle bridge and walkway above the dry moat.

- 640 -

This is a photo of the city of Pylos from the tour boat.

- 641 -

The port area of Pylos with a tour boat and taverns and the

- 642 -

This is another view of the port with Sfaktiria in the

- 643 -

Just outside the city of Pylos on the roadway coming down

- 644 -

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