Bournias Family Photographs of Peter Bournias

Family Photographs from my album

We all have chests of gold that we have hidden or forgotten somewhere.

Here are some of the pieces of gold from my past.

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  • The house where John Bournias grew up in Vrondados Chios Greece circa 1950
  • Diamantis P. Bournias
  • Maritsa P. Bournia who married Ioannis Vagias
  • John, Maritsa, and Diamantis Bournias, circa 1940
  • Diamantis, Pantelis, and Isavella Bournias, 1953
  • John Bournias in New York City
  • John Bournias, grocery store owner, 1960
  • Julie Haralambopoulo Bournia, P and J Shoprite, 1965
  • Peter, James, Pantelis, and Isavella Jan 1959