Who I perform Greek Genealogy for?

Greek Families and others that need someone to perform genealogical research including probate genealogy, due diligence,  missing heirs locally in Greece.

Greece has been in many wars and also in financial difficulties such as bankruptcy numerous times.  This has forced many Greeks to become part of the Greek Diaspora as families migrated to other countries to either start new lives or attempted to save their families by working and sending money to them.  Other Greeks were separated from their families because they were sent as children to work in other countries and were lost in the transitions.

Do you think you have Greek roots or are Greek?

Intrinsically the Greek Diaspora is composed of immigrants, some separated from their Greek family relatives and roots, or adopted, and includes even the rich and the estates of famous families of Greece.

Greece began computerizing family records supposedly in 1963 but in actuality around 1970.  The majority of the family search records to date include a family ancestry up to around 1900.  Genealogical records dating before 1800 are available through manual research methods and especially historical documents.  The computerized family records of Greek roots in Greece are not freely accessible by the public due to privacy laws.

Greece Vital Records before 1960 are hand written documents kept in the areas where they originated or are sent to the national archives; therefore family searches for relatives or missing heirs and unknown heirs from and in Greece are performed manually by sifting through very old documents where available.

I can develop your Greek family ancestry with the history and heritage to document your Greek Family tree.   I also create memorable ancestry charts using genealogy symbols as a keepsake including notations and legends explaining the information.

Give an extraordinary gift to your grandparents or parents that will leave your family legacy to your children and grandchildren.

Complete this application to begin the search for your family tree of Greek heritage from Greece.

Last Updated Monday, 08 February 2016
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