Greek Adoption Records

Greek Orphanages and Adoption Records

For children born in Greece and given up for adoption there were different institutions or organizations that were created and operated to provide the service of child care and legal paperwork involved.

The following information pertains to Greek Foundling hospitals or services.

The acronym P.I.K.P.A. means Patriotic Social Rehabilitation Foundation & perception as translated from the Greek shown below.

Π.Ι.Κ.Π.Α. = Πατριωτικών Ίδρυμα Κοινωνικής Αποκαταστάσεως & Αντιλήψεως.

Many of these organizations or institutions were government operated and were under the Ministry of Health.

The following information regarding the annexes include adoption and disability centers and that some may be closed and their records moved.

The CENTRE for WELFARE of the REGION ATTICA consists of five agencies (annexes):

  • Annex of the disabled in the Eastern part of Athens
  • Annex of the Disabled Amea in the Western part of Athens
  • Annex of the Rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities Voula
  • Annex of the Child Protection Attica "MOTHER" (Η Μητέρα)
  • Annex of the Child Development Centre of Attica Amea "MICHALINEIO"

Other annexes are:

  • Agios Andreas
  • Agia Varvara
  • Amea Glyfadas
  • Amea Melission

According to the information in Greek, there were three locations that the institution had but this varies depending upon the years of operation:
Voula in the southern area near the Municipality of Voula
Pireaus in the area of the ports
Pentelis in the northern suburbs of Athens
Kalamata in the area of the Peloponesse

Beware that you will require a Greek lawyer to access records from any of the institutions or organizations whether for your personal records or Greek genealogy reearch.   Also be ready to endure the bureaucracy that ensues.

Where to find information about Greek Adoption Centers and Record

The K.K.P.P.A. otherwise known as the Social Welfare Center for the Attica Region.

Communicating with the Greek Adoption Centers and Records

The central office of the Social Welfare Center for the Attica Region is located in Athens and here is their web page that has various contact address.

Η Μητέρα

The website of the organization known as "MOTHER" (Η Μητέρα) in Athens is primarily an adoption center that is in operation today.

According to the information of the General Archives of Greece with regards to the records of P.I.K.P.A., they do not display the records online.

P.I.K.P.A. Kalamata in the area of the Peloponnese.

The P.I.K.P.A. in Kalamata operated from 1959 until 1985.

This link is the page where this is noted for P.I.K.P.A. Kalamata.

Records of orphanages from the General Archives of Greece

Records are not available online due to the privacy laws but may be viewed at the GAK offices in the locality of where the orphanage operated.
Although some of the orphanages were operated by the church, records are supposed to be handed over to the local office of the General Archives of Greece.
Some of the orphanages and years of operation may differ according to their sources.  Links for some are shown.

The Orphanage of Kalamata for Males 1924 to 1991

Archive of the Orphanage for Females in Syros 1911 to 1988

National Orphanage of Rethymnos Crete

The Orphanage of Lamia for Females

The Orphanage of Volos from 1894

The Orphanage of Megas Alexandros founded 1934 by Eleanna Ioannidou and Andreas Kourakis was a home for girls that were sent to Thesaloniki during the catastrophe of Asia Minor.
The orphanage ceased operations in 2000 and the building was destroyed in 2017.

The Orphanage of Honeybee (Μέλισσα) in Ano Toumba Thesaloniki.

Some photos from the article written about some of the orphanages may be seen here.  The article is in Greek and I suggest that you use Google translate if you cannot read Greek unless you simply want to look at the photos.

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