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Partnering with P. Bournias Genealogy Services in Greece

Need to search Greek government records, national archives, cemeteries, grave sites or other Greek records in Greece?

I partner with genealogists, probate genealogists, genealogy researchers, lawyers, and estate planners in the United States, Europe, Australia, and other areas.

Services include forensic genealogy for intestacy of Greek genealogy, the research of Greek family trees, Greek kinship case research, and locating unknown or missing heirs, unclaimed estates, intestacy, kinship and due diligence evidence for affidavits.

I provide services to help locate a missing beneficiary or ancestors using my knowledge of Greek and the Greek government record services.  My searches have provided closure for numerous cases of family heirs of Greek descent, inheritances, property, and other legal disputes.

Genealogy Services by P. Bournias provides you with:

  • Liaison between the Greek government

  • Privacy and the security of client namesake confidentiality

  • A liaison between family relatives

  • Cost savings of on-site search

  • Successful outcomes and discretion

  • Fast response and turnaround time

  • Local legal counsel

  • Transcriptions and translation

Reports include translations from Greek to English to Greek, searching, tracing, and locating documents of Greek relatives to satisy the legal requirements of estate probates for wills, executors, guardianships, trusts, beneficiaries, and the estates.


When requesting vital records please be aware that the following is in effect concerning the civil and privacy law of Greece:

Requirements for Greek genealogy Records

All cases require authorization provided either by a relative or by a court declaration proving intent for the research to access private information.

An authorization form is required by the Greek services for access to personal records, unfortunately this applies to all records even those of over 100 years.

To create the form, I need the complete name and address of the family member making the request, or the complete name and business address of an individual from your firm and a court order.

Once I send you the form, it must be stamped and validated at the nearest Greek embassy or consulate by the family member in person.

I must submit the request for vital records with the authorization form in person to the Greek services.

In the event that you provide a court order, I must submit it to my lawyer to verify it and to translate it for the Greek authorities.

All work performed is based on time or per diem and not percentage.

Email updates are periodically provided about the information located including digital documentation upon completion.

I welcome the opportunity to network and cooperate with other genealogical researchers.

Contact me to discuss this further.

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