Genealogy Search Requirements

How to create a genealogy search requirement

To write a genealogy search requirement, you should ask yourself what is it that you want from the study of your family genealogy.

The first step to develop your genealogy requirement will determine if information is available while the second will determine how much information will be usable.

Why write a genealogy search requirement?

Are you the family historian?

Is the genealogy research required for inheritance purposes?

Is it the creation of a family tree?

How many years or family generations do you wish to cover?

Are you trying to locate missing relatives or heirs in Greece?

Do you want to search for an ancestor in your genealogy family tree?

Is it to document the family history characteristics, status, wealth, health?

Some general ideas to creating your family genealogy and history as you may already have something else in mind.

First, determine what your goals are.

Write describing the 5 W’s: who, what, when, where, and why.

Ask for an estimate of performing the genealogy research in Greece.

After you receive the estimate you should review the information to make a better decision.  Then you can review and change your requirements.

Requirements to access Greek genealogy Records

Greek genealogy research requires a written authorization provided either by a relative or by a court declaration proving intent for the research to access the private information of individuals.

An authorization form is required by the Greek services for access to personal records, unfortunately this applies to all records even those of over 100 years.

During a recent case regarding baptism and marriage records, the Greek Orthodox Church requested authorization by a family member.

To create the form, I must have the complete name and address of the family member making the request including their date of birth, the father's name, or the complete name and business address of an individual from your firm and a court order.

The form that I provide has a unique identification number that has been assigned to me by the Hellenic Data Protection Authority (HDPA). Use by other parties is illegal.

Once I send you the authorization form, it must be stamped and validated at the nearest Greek embassy or consulate in person.
After that you must send me the Greek version of the form that has been stamped and validated by post.
The Greek services do not accept scanned copies of documents and I must submit the request for vital records with the authorization form in person to the Greek services.

I abhor bureaucracy and am not the origin of it.

In the event that you provide a court order, I must submit it to my lawyer to verify it and to translate it for the Greek authorities. Associated costs are charged separately.

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