Genealogy Research Reporting

Your Greece Genealogy Research Report

As a professional genealogist, what you will receive depends on the depth of research and what you are looking for but I have been able to uncover family relationships, places, occupations, dates of birth and death, military records, and historical roles, if any.Locate and find your Greek family ancestry and heritage from Greece

Your family history and roots will be digitally documented by me using a word processor, spreadsheet program, organizational charts, and photographs to provide you with the maximum information from the antecedents and blood line of your genealogical family tree and history.

I provide translations, transcriptions, or interpretations of the most pertinent information to document the Greek family lineage from Greek to English along with a copy or photograph of the original document as evidence.  Some translations may involve palaeography due to the changes in the Greek language to modern day Greek.

Here is an example of what kind of information you may receive from the Greek services.

A PDF example of information provided in a Greek Certificate of Family Status.

The genealogical methodology of my research for Greek family ancestors begins with work based on the Greek family surname that you provide to uncover and develop the hereditary family history and lineage Genealogical charts with standardized Genealogy symbols.  That means that it will usually begin either with the male or female side of the family and follows the lineage to complete one side back to the number of family generations found.

If you are searching for a family member from Greece or looking for a family tree builder from Greece, please complete the form below or contact me to discuss this further.

Begin the journey into your past with Greek Family Genealogy.

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