Genealogist Research Fees, Retainer, Prices, Charges and Costs

Genealogist Costs and Remunerations

After performing the initial genealogical family information search, I inform the client as to what I estimate the project will cost for the work performed in Greece.

Performing Greek family genealogy is different for each family and can differ between what is expected and what results will actually be delivered.

Every effort is made to perform your research charging reasonable genealogical fees and advise regarding other charges and expenses.

Simple Search
I perform a simple search upon receiving your email to determine if the information that you have provided displays the existence of any information that you have provided.
You will normally receive an answer to the simple search of your initial email within 48 hours excluding weekends and holidays.

This free ancestry search of Greek genealogy is done without any financial obligation on your part.

Preliminary Search
Presuming that the government services of Greece provide documentation, the next step is to perform a preliminary search which will be to decipher, extract, and make the data as useful as possible to hopefully lead to more data whether that includes living or deceased kinship, or missing people.  This will also help develop the scope of the genealogy research that will foresee future estimation of charges.
The preliminary report is the result of the initial search.  This will determine whether the Greek genealogy is feasible for continuance.

Local On-site Greek Family Genealogy Search
This is when enough information warrants the travel to the area where more information may be found.  Hopefully it will yield either more information, possibly photographic copies of documents, buildings, landmarks or even relatives for verbal confirmation of facts.

In the event that the Greek genealogy research continues, fees will be estimated and an additional retainer will be requested.

Prepayment and Payment of Fees and Expenses
Prior to all work performed, either retainer to cover fees and/or a deposit for estimated expenses will be requested.  The client is advised of all expenses in advance.

Fees and expenses for genealogical work are detailed as follows:

Estimated - Based on estimated time, per diem, and expenses
Actual - Based on time, per diem, and expenses
An analytical report of the charges can be requested prior to or after.

All payments are via bank transfer or PayPal.

Upon agreement, I then begin by creating a digital dossier containing the facts and Greek and English translations of the genealogical research.

If third party expenses are required, church documents, legal fees, lawyers, travel, the client is informed in detail with an estimate in advance to verify the commitment before proceeding with the genealogy research.

Documentation is normally sent via email in PDF format.  If the client requires the original documentation sent via post or courier, those expenses are assumed by the client and charged without prior notification.

No additional expenses are billed without your prior written approval.

The final cost of the genealogy search is based upon the depth of the family history search and any additional Genealogy Search Requirements such as, number of family generations and relationships, characteristics, status, wealth, health, etc..  Contact me for more specific details.

All communication is by email unless noted otherwise.

Your use of my Greek genealogy services receives the benefit of someone actually in Greece that knows the country, the culture, where and how to find information, and how the Greek services function to provide you with results.

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