Family History Background

The family history background for Greek Genealogy identifies the objective or problem for research.

At the conclusion of every research project assignment, I prepare a genealogy research report for clients or the family.

The family history and genealogy research report may include:

  • Photographs of available records from Greece with explanations

  • A compilation of the family ancestry chart

  • Presents all findings documented with references

  • English translations with appropriate interpretation and analysis

  • Transcripts or other research notes, and other digital files

  • An analysis and conclusion of the information discovered

  • The individuals that were interviewed for more information

  • A summary of what was accomplished in the project

  • Limitations of the information and affects on results

Examples of documentation that can be included in the Greek genealogical research report:

Here is an example of a Greek Birth certificate from Alexandria Egypt.

Example of a Greek Birth Certificate from Alexandria Egypt

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