Fact Finding Guarantee

Finding Your Greek Family History and Records in Greece

The fact finding to build your Greek family ancestry will be performed to provide you with whatever evidence is uncovered.  There are circumstances where I will not be able to do so, such as areas where Nazi Germans burned public buildings destroying family information, or in cases such as where Greek island records may have been lost due to the earthquakes, or destroyed in wars.

The genealogical records from Greece are not found at the church of latter day saints (LDS Genealogy) because Greece has strict privacy requirements regarding Greek family records except by individuals that allow their information to be stored there.

I guarantee that the fact finding work performed will be true and accurate, and the information delivered to you as found.  I provide documented evidence as legal proof that my research is conclusive in my report.

What is the easiest and fastest way to finding genealogical results for Greece?

If you can supply a scanned or digitally photographed copy of official Greek documents that include the name of the person written or printed in Greek, along with the parents full names and the area that they originated, that will help speed up the process.

The speed of the genealogy search results is determined basically by the:

  • timeliness of communication between you and I
  • completeness of the data that you provide
  • buracracy of the government encountered

Here is a fragment from a document of the Greek Orthodox church that displays the difficulty of extracting information that I have performed during a Greek genealogy research project and that provide information for one type of Greek vital records.

Documentation of Greek Genealogical Birth and Vital Records

Research for Greek families performed locally providing information by tracing lineage in Greece as far as the late 1600's.

Some of the family ancestries from Greece that I have performed include:


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