Application for Greek Family Research

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Greece Family History Information

Application for Greece Genealogical Research

Please provide as much information as possible in English to begin the search for your family ancestry.

I have updated this form to include information that will be necessary for the authorization of your Greek family history search and for GDPR privacy law compliance.  No information that you provide is recorded on this web site.

After I receive and verify the information from this form, I will respond to you via email, so that you may send scanned documents if available and / or necessary.

Please provide exact YEAR of birth, if possible, the Greek services will not do a random search.

Before you send your basic personal data, you must agree to our data protection policy.  If you agree to our data protection policy Terms and Usage and allow us to contact you, then at the field Privacy Policy below please click the ACCEPTED checkbox as your consent.  If you do not check this box then any data that you send using this application will be deleted.

Finally, please tell me what your wish to receive from the information that you provide.

NOTES: to read before your submission

If you are married, please use your maiden name due to the ridiculous bureaucracy of the Greek services, otherwise you maybe required to provide official proof as to the relationship with your ancestors.

If you do not receive a response within 48 hours then it is most likely that your server has bounced our email.  Please white-list to avoid problems otherwise email cannot be answered.

This form will accept Greek characters if you are able to write in Greek.

Please note that you must be a direct family member to authorize and access vital records.

Fields with an asterisk (*) are required.


Your First and Last Name*
Applicant requesting the search
Your City and Country*
City and Country of residence of the applicant
Relationship of the person of interest to you whether you are family, a lawyer, or a genealogical company. If other, explain below.
email address*


First and Last Name of the individual*
Name of the person that is to be the subject of the Greek genealogy research.
date of birth*
Please provide year at minimum, date format is mm-dd-yyyy
Father - First Name*
The father of the individual for genealogy research.
Mother - First Name
The first Name of the mother of the individual for genealogy research.
Location: Major City or Island*
Last known nearest major location of the individual for searching.
Location: Local City or Town
Location: Village or Horio
Optional: only if the exact location is known.
If the person being researched belonged to a different church or religion, please complete the next field.
Other Religion
Military Service
Please answer Greek Military Service only if the information you known is correct to avoid unnecessary searching.
Additional information and objective
What is the objective from the information that you are providing?
Please tell me what you wish or expect as your objective such as vital records or you can also provide additional information or some specific request here, birth, death, or marriage certificate.


Age Certification*
by checking this box, I acknowledge and verify that I am 18 years of age or of legal age in my country.
Privacy Policy*
by checking this box, I confirm that I have read and agree to the privacy and website terms.


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Type the numbers of the security code shown above into the box before clicking on SEND.

Last Updated Friday, 03 April 2020
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