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Peter Bournias and Genealogy Research in Greece

Peter Bournias is an accomplished management consultant in the area of information technology and accounting systems including auditing demonstrating attention to detail, documentation, and investigating historical financial data.

In recent years, I have added the specialty of Greek Genealogist to my credentials.

I am registered with the Hellenic Data Protection Authority (HDPA) in Greece and am bound to confidentiality under the EU privacy laws and requires that I protect family information that I am authorized to research.

Duties and Responsibilities of my Greek Genealogy Service

Some of the factors that encompass my services listed here but not limited to:

  • My services provide assistance in person, by phone, and electronically to clients with an expanding knowledge of historical and genealogical research data from Greece.
  • Research is provided by direct consultation to assist clients with their research via the Internet.
  • I maintain my knowledge of current developments within the field of genealogy to provide.
  • My network connections to Greek history include associations of Asia Minor, the military, and others within the Greek community and genealogical field.
  • Uphold objectivity and truth in the delivery of personal information.
  • Provide an objective conclusion based on facts or the absence thereof.

Some of my Qualifications in the area of Greek Genealogy:

  • Years of recent experience provide a basis of reference and research for clients.
  • Strong knowledge of genealogical research methodology, standards, and sources (both print and online).
  • Experience with and interest in online reference delivery.
  • Knowledge of current and emerging technologies including social media tools.
  • Software Applications for genealogy services.
  • Effective oral, written, and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Professional, dependable, flexible, and constructive work ethic.
  • My work is evidencial of interest in professional and scholarly activities.
  • I have a working knowledge of English and Greek.
  • Performed the research of my own family tree dating back to approximately 1760.

I make no assumptions when working with data and that includes family history.

After successfully tracing my own family tree my family history, I found a family member that was a freedom fighter of the Greek revolution.  From an island to multiple locations throughout Greece and through the maze of local government offices, I can definitely say that I can offer you professional results for your family genealogy.

In the event that you require legal proof for your search for due diligence, my conclusion is provided in addition to the use of local lawyers that render legal opinions and validation for the burden of proof.  I also translate and document the information discovered to supply you with family tree charts, documentation of interviews, digitized photographs, and testimony from relatives.

I produce the necessary evidence in kinship cases and help in locating missing and unknown heirs or refute their existence with complete confidentiality.

If you need to research a Greek surname, locate an heir, or trace generations of Grecian ancestry to a decedent's paternal and/or maternal bloodlines, I have the knowledge, expertise, genealogy resources, and determination to obtain results quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively.

Begin the journey into your past with Greek Family Genealogy Application or Contact me.

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