Genealogical symbols

An explanation of the symbols used here for both English and Greek genealogy.

Due to the size of this graphic, please click on the graphic link below to open a new window which will allow you to scroll up, down, left, and right.  You may see a magnifying glass, if you do simply click to see the image in it's normal size.

genealogical symbols explained in English and Greek

I use this method of documentation for the Bournias and Martinez family genealogy as well as others.

While it does not produce the layout as easily as using free family tree genealogy software like PhpGedView and Webtrees to document ancestors, it does allow anyone to choose the background design like the one that I chose for my Greek ancestry tree.  It works with a multitude of windows fonts and every aspect of the drawing can be controlled by the user.

Another chart that I changed to English and Greek is that of the Greek Genealogy research and blood kinship.  I expanded on this chart to include both the distinction between the paternal lineage and the maternal lineage of family ancestry.

Originally, I learned about these symbols from Martha Bournias, another cousin that I met during my Greek genealogical research of my family name in Greece.

I found the Genealogy symbols standardized in one of the programs that I use to document the family ancestry, Smartdraw, that can also be used for other documentation purposes.  Microsoft Visual studio can also be used but I find Smartdraw is a more flexible and powerful choice.

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