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Greek Genealogical Services

I like to think that my work is appreciated and because I have endeavored to research the past of the Bournias family, I have accumulated numerous facts about the family ancestry and its history.

While my own profession has not been genealogy, I am now proficient in the process to actually call myself a genealogist professional.

Since the beginning of my genealogy research in Greece, I funded the entire cost of traveling in Greece to locate and verify information pertaining to different families related to my family name.

Anyone that wants to discover their Greek family heritage wants to know who they are and must look to their past.  We are fortunate to be able to do this while others are not due to the hardships of life, war, disease, and famine.

I am now offering my knowledge and experience as a genealogy professional in Greece to those of you that wish to learn more about their Greek ancestry.

Genealogy (from Greek: γενεά, genea, "generation"; and λόγος, logos, "knowledge") is the study of families and the tracing of their lineages and history.

You should consider my services as a Greek genealogist because I am:

  • Based in Athens, Greece
  • Fluent in the English and Greek languages
  • Over 20 years experience in the field of family research in genealogy
  • Know how and where to find information locally
  • Know how and where to find information in Europe and the USA
  • Privacy and the security of client confidentiality of your namesake

The savings are obvious when one considers the time needed to even start to search for Greek vital records, relatives, descendants, ancestors in the Greek government services.

You can save an enormous cost from the start because I am onsite, I know where to begin, and I communicate with you via email, Skype, or telephone regarding the progress.

I have developed a proven skill in finding Greek family history that is not available through the Internet because of the lack of digitally recorded data in Greece that you can see through my own personal genealogy dating back to the 1700’s and across two countries in Europe.

As a professional genealogist, what you will receive depends on the depth of research, the availability of the data, and what you are looking for but I have been able to uncover family relationships, places, occupations, dates of birth and death, military records, and historical roles if any.

Your family history and Greek roots will be digitally documented using modern software including word processing, spreadsheet program, organizational charts, and photographs to provide you with the maximum information from the antecedents and blood line of your genealogical family tree and history.

Translations and transcriptions of the most pertinent information and foreign documents regarding the family lineage are also provided from Greek to English along with a copy or photograph of the original document as evidence.  Some translations may involve paleography due to the changes in the Greek language to modern day Greek.

Optionally, I can place the heritage of your family history on the Internet for you and for future generations to cherish and to continue to update on a website created for you or a third party website.  The family tree maker program that I am using provides a variety of displays including ancestors, pedigree, parentage, progeniture, descendants, along with other family information.

The genealogy methodology of my research for Greek family ancestors that I work on is based on the family surname that you provide to develop the hereditary and family lineage organization records.  That means that the ancestry search will usually begin either with the male or female side of the family and follows the lineage to normally complete one side.

If you are searching for a family member from Greece or looking for a family tree builder or you are simply interested in the Bournias family, contact me to discuss this further.

p.s. Genealogy is commonly misspelled as geneology.  Paleography is also spelled as Palaeography.

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