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The family tree of Maria Christina Martinez

A Family Crest or Coat of Arms or Heraldry as it is known for the Martinez family

The family tree and genealogy of my mother's family, the Martinez and Rivera Mena families of Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.

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My mother was originally from Sabalos Mayaguez Puerto Rico, she lived most of her life in the Chelsea area of New York City.  Apart from her parents that lived in Puerto Rico until their deaths, my mother kept a strong bond with her sister, Calixta also known as Calli, who lived in the Bronx.

Her parents were Florencio Martinez, born 1894 and Emerita (Juana) Rivera, date of birth unknown.  The parents of Florencio Martinez were Manuel Martinez and Maria Christina Vargas.

Florencio Martinez was a Private in the US Army during WW I and lived until 1976.

The parents of Emerita (Juana) Rivera were Nicholas Rivera Mena and Josepha Soto. Emerita (Juana) Rivera died in the 80's.

My mother had a sister, two step-sisters, and a step-brother. Her sister's name was Calixta, nickname Calli.

Her half-sisters were Rosenda, nickname Charie, and Delia, and a half-brother named Tano.

New information has been provided to me by Betty Ortiz Rodriguez, a cousin.

I am fortunate to have been contacted by her and here is additional information that she has contributed.

The following information is directly quoted from her emails:

Mena's mother was born in France (Last name Deriner), she moved to Santo Domingo where she met Juana's father (Mena) they moved to PR, where Juana was born.

Our great great grandfathers were Manuel and Samuel Rivera, they were brothers.

Manuel married Juana Mena and Samuel married Luisa Sotomayor.

Manuel and Juana's son was Nicolas Rivera Mena.

Samuels daughter was Josefa Rivera Sotomayor.

Nicolas and Josefa were first cousins who married and had Emerita (Maria Christina's mother) and Beatriz.

Emerita and Beatriz both had children from Florencio.

Betty's aunt informed her that as there was no birth control during those times, and Emerita did not want any more children, she gave Beatriz to Florencio as his mistress, she was very young.

Chari, Delia, and Tano were the children of Beatriz and Florencio's.
So Chari, Delia, and Tano are my mom's half sisters and brother from Florencio.

Beatriz later married Felipe Rodriguez Muniz and they had 2 more children.

When Beatriz married Felipe, she was pregnant with Tano, so Felipe raised him and gave him his last name.  Chari and Delia stayed with Florencio and Emerita, their children were older.

Our grandparents Manuel and Samuel Rivera were wealthy, they had plantations in Santo Domingo, when they arrived in Puerto Rico in the 1800’s they were owners of sugar cane and coffee fields and owned lots of land.  Their children Nicolas and Josefa sold most of the land, since they only had two girls, for fear that they would not be able to manage the land.

Additional notes:

This one is probably right for the Father: Manuel Martinez Gonzalez 1871 with the exception of the name Gonzalez unless that was part of his mother's maiden name.

As for the Mother: Cristina Vargas Castillo 1872, I know that her name was Maria Christina Vargas but again with the exception of the name Castillo unless that was part of her mother's maiden name.  The name I have follows the tradition during those times as my mother was named after her grandmother.

Additional Information:

The naming system for the Spanish is listed as:

First name, Last name, Mother's maiden name

follows similarly in some parts of Europe and is still in use by many people today.

The information on Florencio Martinez that I have in my graphic is correct.  I have not found the name Vargas referenced anywhere but it maybe from his mother.

My aunt Callixta Martinez had four children: Berta, Herman, Primitivo, and Victoria.

I believe that their lastnames were Vargas Perez, Mercado, Delcastillo, and Acevedo Hernandez respectively.  They lived in the Bronx and Mayaguez.

In the wedding photograph of my parents are my aunt Callixta Martinez and two of her children.

A genealogy tree of the Martinez Rivera Mena Family

The Rivera and Martinez family genealogy