A video about the castle fortress of Chios

Byzantine period castle on ChiosAntonios Bournias fought the Turks at the castle fortress of Chios that was built to protect the islanders from invaders.

The end of the Greek Revolution

Keep in mind that while the Greek revolution in Chios began in March 1822, it did not end until the beginning of the 1900’s because during those times the defeat of the Turkish rule happened by area and did not simply end because of one battle.  Chios was completely liberated from the Turks in 1912.

While you might think who would want this small island, Chios during the days of old was a commercial interest due to its location for shipping. .  It was a central location for trade from the east to the west and has survived wars during the last 1000 years.  It was gleamed upon not only by the Turks but the Venetians and the Genoese.

It is this castle that housed the encampment of the Turkish regime that ruled Chios for over 200 years.

Here is a very interesting video that reveals the history of the Byzantine period castle on Chios.

The video is approximately 33 minutes and is in English while some of the information is in Greek titles.

I highly recommend viewing this especially if you intend to visit the island of Chios as there are no tour guides there.  It shows the history and documents many of the historical monuments.

You might even want to download the video to a portable device if you know how to take with you while touring the castle.

My pictures of Chios are here, if you want to see other characteristics, monuments, and artifacts that Chios has to offer.

I hope that you enjoy the video.

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