The Vournias family

The Vournias family has now been verified as being part of the Bournias family.

I found references to name Stavritsa Bournia, spouse of George, daughter of Vasilis Karavasileiou in the Kelebesion Anneon region in Turkey.

I also found references to a Demetrios Bournias or Vournias, son of John (Ioannis) from the same region.

I am now certain that my assumption regarding the change of the surname was correct. The surname was mistakenly changed from Latin characters to the Greek most likely in Greece, the Geek characters "MP" pronounced as "B" into V, during their exodus from the destruction of Asia Minor.

With the name now verified and based on the information that I have, I have linked this family from Georgios to Emmanuel (Manolis), one of the four sons of Antonios Bournias.

The Vournias family was sent to the northern area of Drama in Greece by the Greek authorities instead of the island of Chios and has lived there since.

I discovered the link between the two families while searching through a list of surnames that came from the list of refugees that left the area of Pontus near the Black Sea.

There were other families from Chios that ventured into Asia Minor and settled there until the catastrophy occurred.

The 15th Catalog of Refugee Farmer Surnames (in Greek) page 292

Greek genealogy research of Asia Minor records

Last Updated Friday, 06 October 2017
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