The Genealogical Tree of Peter Bournias

This is a compilation of my family tree modified to display only my family from my great great great grand-father and dating back into the 1700's.

From Chios, the Bournias family has ventured into many other areas of Greece and the world.

The genealogical tree presented here begins with Apostolos Bournias from about 1760.  It connects the entire family to his sons Demetrios of approximately 1790 and Antonios of 1788.

From Demetrios to Petros and the marriage of my grand-parents Pantelis Bournias and Isabella Varia, to my father Ioannis (John).

Please click on the graphic link below to open a new window which will allow you to scroll up, down, left, and right.  You may see a magnifying glass, if you do simply click to see the image in it's normal size.

The Bournias Family Ancestry is now updated to include our newest family member.

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