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A plaque on the house that originally belonged to Antonios Bournias according to the family of Haniotis.   The house has been changed and modernized so it is not clearly evident as to it's true age from the outside.

The translation of the plaque in English is as follows:

HIstorical Monument The birth of Hatji Antonios Bournias here (Pyrama), an officer of Napoleon in Egypt and a leader in the revolution of 1822 in the command of Lykourgos Logothetis, that the home was sold by Antonis himself in 1835 to the great grandfather of Ioannis Haniotis of which is now owned by Marina Melekou of the Haniotis family.  The signature of the plaque is that of Ioannis Demetrios Haniotis, a lawyer.


Memorial with a symbol for Chios

A memorial for those who gave their lives to free themselves from the Turks in the battle of 1822.  This is located near the park in the town square of Hora (the center) or Chios. At the top of the memorial, is the winged lion's figurine that is a representation of the ancient symbol for Chios.


Mr. Leonis Stylianos

While in Chios, I visited the villages of Pirama and Parparia again and had the extreme pleasure of meeting one of it's most senior members, Mr. Leonis Stylianos.  After speaking with the 88 year old, he conveyed to me the gratitude and respect that he had for the man known as Antonios Bournias and also allowed me to read and copy some of the notes that he had produced over his lifetime from the stories that had been passed down by his own family.  Additonally, it was Mr. Stylianos' brother, an artist who created the detailed bust of Antonios Bournias that decorates the town square next to the church.


The Korai Library of Chios

A major source of the history of Chios.  After the devastating earthquake of 1912 most of the wonderful old buildings were completely destroyed along with the loss of precious documents of the time.

The suffering of the Chiotans is realized when one contemplates the survival of those from the conquest by the Turks for over a few hundred years, the earthquake destroying the majority of the homes, and then the loss of Asia Minor to the Turks in 1922.

The Korai Library of Chios

The Korai Library website

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