Myths regarding the meaning of the name Bournias

A name with myths based on hearsay

Many last names have meaning and those meanings also cross the borders of countries.  There are names like "Smith" which are easily associated with work like an iron worker or black smith or "Carpenter" for someone who worked with wood.

So what does the bournias surname mean?

A Bournias used as a bull horn by sailors

One story is where sailors on fishing boats heading into fog would use a type of megaphone or bull horn called a bournias to call into the fog and avoid collisions with other boats.

On more than one occasion I have heard a variety of explanations trying to decipher the meaning of the name Bournias.  Some Greeks believe that the name has something to do with clay pottery such as a vase or jar as shown below.

Billie Bournias recently sent me a copy of a letter that noted a story about the island of Andros and describing clay pots known as bourinies.

a vase called bournias

A not so close variation is that of the Greek word “bounia” which means punch.

The Greek word for sudden gale or wind storm or hurricane, bourini or boras, again has nothing to do with the name and this can be learned from the wonderful book that Professor Babiniotis of the University of Athens has defined in his excellent dictionary of the Greek language.

The Dictionary of the New Greek Language is an excellent book is in Greek for those of you that are interested and includes the etymology of Greek words.

Georgios Babiniotis

Dictionary of the New Greek Language

So what does the name Bournias mean?  Well I really can't say because the name may actually originate from another country and therefore have a meaning of its own.

Then again, does a surname really have to have a meaning?

I am revealing this secret as I have found pieces of information that I have not been able to completely verify 100 percent.

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