A map of Chios from 70 to 1822 a.d.

A rare map of Chios

This is from the book, A History of the island of Chios a.d. 70 - 1822, that was translated into English from  the work of Dr. Alexander M. Vlasto noted as XIAKA or "The History of the island of Chios from the earliest times down to its destruction by the Turks in 1822".

A visual history of the areas on the island of Chios

This book shows detailed names of the older villages that are scattered around the island and which are very important to researching both the history of the island and the movement of the people.

The red arrows indicate the areas that the Bournias families inhabit such as Parparia, Pyrama, Spartunda, Vrontados, and Mesta.  If you follow the mountain path from Parparia or Pyrama to Kastron, you can see the largest road that leads from that side of the island to the area of Vrontados.  Of course back then, there were no 4x4's with the exception of horses and donkeys.  This would be the most immediate path to cross the island to reach the main port and capital of Chora or Hora as it is known.  It is the castle at main city known as Hora were the battle for independence would be fought to free the island of the Turkish rulers.

Following the ancestors of the Bournias family

This work is now available in various reading formats through the openlibrary.org website.

For those of you that use Google Earth or wish to, you can use this file to quickly see the island of Chios as it is today.

Link using Google Maps for the main city (Hora) of Chios in Greece

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