Historical Testimonials for Antonios Bournias

Chios Sphinx from the period of 412 bcI have to consider myself lucky when working with my family genealogy.

The fact that one of my relatives was a revolutionist provides historically written documentation about his life and legacy.

This information has helped in the creation of understanding as to why all of the members of the Bournias family are originally from Chios and who the descendents are that I have recorded in the creation of the ancestor charts that I have accumulated.  My own line of heritage is from the area of Vrondados Chios where my father Ioannis Bournias, grandfather Pantelis Bournias, and great grandfather Petros Bournias originated.

Additional information was extracted from the notes of Stylianos Leonis, a Chiot from the village of Pyrama, who along with others from the villages of Pyrama and Parparia held Antonios Bournias in high esteem.

I provide here excerpts of the original Greek text from the book "Massacre at Chios from the mouth of the Chiot People" and translation into English with notes as a PDF.

For all of the Bournias family and other researchers.

Please email me if you have any questions.

Download A translation of historical testimonials for Antonios Bournias v.1.3 PDF

Last Updated Saturday, 20 April 2019
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