Historical References regarding the Bournias family

Antonios Bournias, a revolutionary of Chios in 1822

Historical Information

With reference to the name Antonios Bournias, other references include the name Antonios Hatji-Bournias.   The addition of "Hatji" or "Hatzi" implies that this person visited Jerusalem as homage to the holy land, for surviving or preparing to do battle, to which he received this prefix to his surname.From the Asia Minor years, Volume Year .

G. I. Anastasiadis, a council member of the national revival of Asia Minor, p.224, references that based on the decision of the awards committee of the date, 30th of April / 12th of May 1838, with the protocol number 23, that Antonios Hatji Bournias of Chios receive the Silver Medal.

The above information was derived from historical documents as follows:

"THE GREEKS OF NAPOLEON" Nicholas Tsesmelis or Papazoglous (1758-1819), printed by P. D. Sakellariou in 1916.  This also includes an account from his nephew Petros Bournias verifying that Dimitris was the brother of Antonios.

"HISTORY OF THE GREEK REVOLUTION (in Greek)" by Spirdonos Trikoupis, Volume B, (PETER HESS), printed by Grafia A.E.

"A HISTORY OF THE ISLAND OF CHIOS, A.D. 70-1822 (in English), as translated from the second part of the work entitled:

"XIAKA or The History of the Island of Chios from the earliest times down to its destruction by the Turks in 1822" by Dr. Alexander M. Vlasto.

After reading this work and translating the parts of it that refer to Antonios into English, it is my opinion that the writer appears to bias his writings and slant the work toward the benefit of those who betrayed Antonios.

On a personal note

I just came back from Chios (March 22nd, 2005) and after researching again, I found that the Vlasto family were one of the privledged and elite families at the time.  It appears that while others were fighting for their independence, that the wealthier families were using their financial strengths to accommodate their life-style, more so by not encouraging the fight for independence and not "rock-the-boat" attitude since their life-styles were less affected by the situation of the times.

It appears that this is the common of many situations and that it is more apportioned for true patriots to be the ones who will sacrifice themselves for their beliefs.  This position brought about the traitorous act upon Antonios Bournias by those who were financially comfortable to buy their social freedoms.  Their financial standing in the community pursueded some 700 fighters from Samos to turn their back on Antonios leaving him with only 300 Chiotans causing the loss of his family and possessions by giving the Turks an advantage in numbers and therefore lossing the battle.

Historical References regarding Georgios Bournias

Georgios Bournias, the nephew of Antonios bournias of 1822, a student of law, during his call of duty in the Greek Army of 1912 lead a special group of Chiotan volunteers and distinguished himself in the battle of Karfotou.

From the book, Chios and Chiotans, through the ages, by Philippou L. Chrysovelonis, Athens 1938 (in Greek).

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