Genealogy tree and vital records of the Bournias family

I have now implemented the webtrees application online with all of the family members that I have recorded in my records.

The members of the Bournias family extend from Chios Greece to various places around the world.

For those of you visiting the website, using the genealogical application, you can easily see individual names of family members of Greece and elsewhere that are over 100 years old including Vital records that document the "major" events of an individual's life such as birth, marriage, death, and divorce.

Bournias family members that have been granted access to the application can view all of the information that is available.

Additionally, those of you who wish to provide additional information such as stories, photographs, and additional details are welcome to store them here online.

Information is stored in the English langauge and Greek langauge to display the names of individuals correctly.

Genealogical charts only show a number of generations due to screen size.

I think that you will find it interesting.

If you do not find your name in the Greek genealogy online records, please contact me.

Peter Bournias Genealogist

The Online Genealogy and Ancestry of the Bournias family

Last Updated Thursday, 22 September 2016
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