Genealogy Bournias

Genealogy of the Bournias Family

My family heritage following the trail of the Bournias name


I have followed the trail of the Bournias family genealogy, throughout Greece beginning on the island of Chios, dating back to the 1700's but the family may have started in France.

The Bournias family tree and history is a major work consolidating numerous generations of the family.

The Bournias family has emigrated throughout Greece and the world from Chios and Evia to:

Pyrama, Chios, Greece Parparia, Chios, Greece
Spartounda, Chios, Greece Vrondados, Chios, Greece
Mesta, Chios, Greece Karistos, Evia, Greece
Arkadias, Peloponese, Greece Lydoriki, Fokidos, Greece
Harokopio, Messinia, Greece Drama, Greece
Crete, Greece
Zakynthos, Greece
Athens, Greece Smyrni, Asia Minor, Turkey
Tsesme, Asia Minor, Turkey New York, USA
Chicago, USA Florida, USA
Brooklyn, NY, USA
New Jersey, USA
Texas, USA South East Asia

and other places around the world.

I have numerous incomplete branches of the Greek genealogy tree that need the help of those who have not found their family ancestry and heritage of the Bournias family.

Contact me if you are willing to provide information about your family ancestry from Greece that will ultimately lead to the completion of this work.