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Rebirth of democracy

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Sadly, a police officer shot and killed a 15 year old boy and that should not have happened.  The riots have extended to about 10 days and they are the beginning of the rebirth of democracy.

It was about time that this happened, and I know that this will be very hard for foreigners to understand, but it has to do with the problems that are created by the politicians, the church, and life styles.

Greed is a terrible thing and that is the spark that has started the fire.  There are too many corrupt politicians, and these days even the churches have joined in on the corruption.  The USA is not far off from having the same problems from what I have been seeing on Bloomberg, CNN, and the BBC.

Europe is facing another revolution these days since they continue to try to hold onto their medieval style calling it socialism while the politicians tax people to the hill and fail to reciprocate in many areas.  The riots here have already started to flow into France and will most likely head into other EU countries.

Unemployment is and will be higher because again unfortunately the European leaders play follow-the-leader while sadly the leader (the USA) is going off a cliff and the EU leaders are going blindly with them.

I could go on and on but there are too many issues.

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