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overpaid overprofiting

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I had a look at what the President of the United States of America receives as a salary and found that it is now around $400,000.00 dollars per year.

Many people might think that this is extremely low considering the responsibility that the job carries.  The logic of this salary level is that this person serves the country as a patriot and therefore should not and must not receive anything of inordinateness.

Considering the economic disaster that the board of directors, the c-level management, and other management of the companies that want to be saved by the governement, I beleive that the best management decision that should be  taken by the U.S. Government is not only to take a share in the businesses that will be supported by taxpayer money but to demand that all of the upper management of the companies recieving such support reduce their superfluos salaries to a maximum of $200,000.00 dollars with no additional incentives until they are able to repay the people of the USA and produce more conscientious stability.

At the same time, investors should not be forgotten as they have also played a major role in the greed of forcing management to produce extraordinary returns on their investments.  Investment short-term periods should be changed to make short term trading over a longer time period thereby stabilizing the market shares of companies and markets.  We no longer live in a world where information requires long time periods for verification and transactions to be effected.

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