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Media hysteria

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shure55The world is in an economic crisis and here we are watching the news.

It can be any country but it appears that the news media besides losing it's objectivity, fails to see the consequences that it may produce by stiring an uprising in people.

The news media in Greece has decided that President Obama is showing favoritism towards Turkey and has created turmoil on it's own between the three countries.

This reminds me of a movie "Dog Day Afternoon" where a bank robbery is turned into a media madness by a reporter creating a top story and having devastating results in the end.

The Greek media acts like children and should be punished by the Greek government for instigating political vexation at a time when grievous matters concern the welfare of people in all the countries of the world.

Greece and Turkey played the roles of good guys versus bad guys during the 1980's to manipulate political funding from the USA.  Those days are over and they should both consider their own solutions to their internal problems and should not attempt to use a visit by a President for their own political gain among their constituency.

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