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Is there a doctor in House?

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medicalsymbolI must admit that the television show Dr. House offers fantastic dialogue and that the actors promote the issues of care and hope for all who happen to fall under the care of Dr. House.

While the television show provides mental entertainment with it's quip and glib puns at the medical profession and the pharmaceutical companies, it gives one the idea that hospitals are calm and smoothly run facilities.  I think that many people know that this is not the case especially where the hospital in this series is not a public hospital.

If people are to have hospitals facilities like those percieved to be run by Dr. Cutty rather than the existing public facilities that are like those we see on the television series ER (emergency room), then we would need to train groups like the unsatious staff that Dr. House has for every hospital in the world.  This of course would mean that the management strategy would be instilled in hospitals where only a minor segment of management now exists especially in the public sector.  The opposite would be humanistic.

Businesses have tried to adopt globalization and many have failed but as many doctors around the world are trained in western countries and many doctors from western countries are working in third world countries for experience, maybe the medical profession should try to globalize.  The basic parameters for medical globalization are more in tune for such a possibility for medical professionals and pharmaceutical companies that are already making profits based on lower costs of raw materials and manpower.  The economic crisis around the world is changing people and that includes medicine and doctors adjusting to the lesser fortunate.

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