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Greece, an example of European Behavior

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Well Athens has now had a face lift. The young have finally acted and unfortunately due to the death by an innocent youth. Greece, the country where democracy was born has managed to exile democracy until this past week. The act of rebellion is viewed as an "indicator" to the Greek politicians but is also watched by the other European politicians as if Greece is a psychological laboratory for the experimentation of legislatures thrown at the people to determine just how far the politicians can abuse them. What we have seen this week shows that there is still some existence of life in the Greeks even though I believe that this will once again simply fade away with the coming weeks as they remiss into their comatose lifestyle. It is ironic how a people can view Obama's election as their own positive step forward and yet not be able to change their own country due to the insistent comparison between capitalistic and communistic clashing images created by their own politicians.
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