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Europe, united we divide

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eu-north-southWhen things get tough in Europe, the tough consider a new approach, the possibility of separation of states.

Europe has been divided industrially and economically as the USA was during the civil war era.  These days just when the results of improvement in the southern areas of Europe are more evident, the effects of the economic crisis produced faster results of decline then is obvious in the more afluent northern countries.  This displays how important it is for a country to have funding just as it is for individuals to have a healthy bank account for hard times.

At one time or another, Europeans knowing the above have considered having a northern and southern separation but never did with the thought of having one united states of Europe.  Until recently no member state would even consider the idea that once a member was instated, that there was no thought of being expelled.  Now again it appears that the European Parliament is returning to the "only the strong will survive" and as such the less fortunate member states may find themselves creating a secondary EU union of the south. 

Maybe we'll all get to see a newer production of "Gone with the wind" soon.

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