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Communistic Capitalism

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The New York Times posted "YouTube Blocked in China, Google Says".

The Chinese government is very clever.  They provide us with inexpensive labor enticing businesses to invest billions so that they can build factories with money that foreign investors provided to local companies.  They want to give the impression that communism is gone allowing Chinese millionaires to flaunt themselves to western misconception that capitalism reigns.  Yet, when it comes to spending money during a world-wide economic depression, they put their money safely in the bank and claim that they must continue the internal progress of their country.

Through our investments they provide us with extremely low cost products that people will buy without questioning quality for the most part and like adding honey to what the goods like an assassin bug they await until the moment that westerners will be overcome by the sweet smell of honey that they offer in pretence until the moment is right to violate our trust.

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