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Censorship Freedom

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More and more these days we are hearing new stories about the loss of freedom.  From China restricting and censoring youtube videos and forcing journalists to have chaperons to inhibit the publishing, to news about children being strip searched in the United States.  Now the latest news is that Germany has raided the home of Domain Owner to stop the information release of internet censorship lists.

There is a movement regarding the freedom of the Internet by a few groups that are campaigning to protect the rights of free speech and therefore the freedom to publicize, privacy issues and the Internet, transparency to protect against forms of corruption and illegal activities, the international freedom of the Internet, intellectual property and innovations.

Some are starting to believe that governments have begun a trend towards Internet censorship to reduce our freedoms.  We have seen the policies placed in effect by Bush administration that took the opportunity to do so as a protection against terrorism.

I believe that we must all keep a watchfull eye on all the governments of the world to avoid the big brother extreme nightmare of becoming a police state.

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