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Bloomberg just another poor sighted politician

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Just like bad bankers and other management of companies racing to take their bonuses while the taking is good. Could it be that they are reeling in the last of their big time funds for the rainy days to come?

Bloomberg the Mayor of New York City plans on increasing taxes at a time when people are hurting the most. These days when cities in the USA should be stream-lining to limit their populations and growth, and smaller cities increasing their own "market" share to attract both new business and people are failing to see the light.

Another group of politicians, namely the European Parliament and those of the European States have also kept their taxes extremely high around 18 to 20 percent as if taxes cannot be raised or lowered for the amount of work that they do. Ouuu, I hope that Bloomberg won't see this as he might consider doing the same.

Then they wonder why people revolt and I imagine that if the economies of the world continue to fall that so will the politicians, right off their podiums.

The idea to a better economy is to attract more spending and one more way to do this is to lower taxes.

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