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An Alternative Solution to the Economic Crisis

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The latest loathsome news is a slap in the face of the economic crisis is the failure of company management to sincerely use funding to save businesses and therefore jobs.
Instead many of the companies endeavor to use public funding to issue bonuses to the people that created the problems.

Let’s recall what the major problems associated with this economic crisis.
Selfish greed by investors demanding excessive ROI – returns on their investments forcing management to tolerate and burgeon shekels or accept being a failure, over zealous bankers to secure insecure loan patrons and consequentially induce the housing crisis, the automotive industry and companies that have a guaranteed customer, the government, failing to control costs and affect change towards environment friendly issues that have been forthcoming for years, the over empowered unions that fail to act as a whistle-blower and simply abused the exceeding overpaid management as a leverage to increase their own wages assisting in the over pricing of US auto products, and let us not forget the fact that the majority of the US citizens voted an imbecilic ex-president into power for two consecutive periods, may they meet their Rhadamanthys.

The current failure of management to SERIOUSLY accept that no bonuses be paid to anyone associated with a company that has requested the assistance of the government is what I consider a major insult to the people in the USA and around the world, not to mention a smack in the face to President Obama.
Of course since the USA has become a tribunal society, there is absolutely nothing that anyone can do when legalities are involved and that means that any break in the current situation will mean requiring an exception to the rule to revoke agreements.

Consider the terribly painful situation that New Yorker’s faced on September 11th.  In 2005 I spent a few months back in NY and found something that I had not seen since my childhood, more caring and helpful New Yorkers.  Yes, the disaster created a psychological effect on the people of NY.  That effect returned characteristics of friendliness and a much warmer attitude among them that had been slowly lost because of the over bearing pressure that New Yorker’s faced as the financial capital of the world.  This exemplified the fact that greed became a rolling stone engulfing the humanity of people.

At the moment this situation is not about New Yorker’s only but the entire world and the fact is that the USA is still a leader even when China dissembles to be the capitalistic savior of the day.  If the USA throws the reset switch, then it will be the USA that will pay the heaviest price for the mistakes that it has made.

During the 80’s in the USA, we were all learning the meaning of saying NO.  We can use this psychologically accepted method of denial as a reset switch.

Does that mean that the reset switch should be thrown?  Doing it could bring humanity, dignity, and respect back.

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