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Your Vote You Cosign for Your Government

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Accountability of the people for their country loans
The brunt of the recent events to save Greece is now providing more information about how many people in high ranking positions of government have been involved in kickbacks and corruption.  At the same time, it is also developing new ideas among citizens as to the real origin of corruption.

It is not uncommon to hear more about corruption these days among the leadership of countries and fortune 500 companies.  Just yesterday information from the news in Greece exploded regarding a swiss bank account with millions of Margaret Papandreou, the American ex-wife of Andreas Papandreou the father of George Papandreou, and has infuriated the general population.  The allegations are very serious due to the fact that that George Papandreou supposedly “lost” the list of citizens of Greece provided to him by Christine Lagarde that have hidden money in banks in Switzerland.

Do you want a few billion as a loan?

The Greek people without realizing it have signed loan agreements from the moment that they voted their government officials into power.

You say that you are not Greek, well that doesn’t really matter because you too are accountable for the actions of you Presidents or Prime Ministers or whatever you call your leader.  If you are Greek, then you might want to read the following and shove it in front of one of your minister’s faces.  Tell them not to reinvent the wheel as they usually try to do.
Overseas private investment corporation anti-corruption policies and strategies handbook

Northern Europeans like to brag about how honest their countries are but the facts are that corruption exists even in the best of them.  If you have seen it, then you understand how disheartening the facts are especially if you have been paying taxes while others are not.

One more reason why the EU does not want to unify?
Have you thought about what would happen if the public services of the EU nations unified to provide citizens of Europe with a centralized cost controlled environment?  The results would mean an increase in transparency that should reduce corruption and therefore reduce taxation.  By now it should be apparent that the government leaders of Europe are the ones who have more to lose by implementing such regulations.  Other examples include Siemens which is still fighting in courts in different countries, and Boeing for its possible involvement with Yiannos Papantoniou another Greek minister.

European countries should make anti-corruption policies and strategies effective immediately to stop the illegal money laundering that is robbing the people of Europe through corruption between government officials and business.

Remember, you are accountable for your elected officials by the investors outside your country!

Get Money out of Politics: Stop lobbyist bribery, End secret money & Empower voters.

A Broken Election System

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