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Tsipras: EU IMF Checkmate in a few moves

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Tsipras will learn to play chess
The chaos that makes the compost of Greek politics is the essence of failure by the leftists.  They preach saving the country, equal pay for all and in the end will become the targeted rage of the people when they fail to uphold their promises.

Syriza and the KKE are left wing political parties in Greece.  Syriza has managed to mesmerize many of the young voters while the older still contemplate what to do about the inept governance of the country.  As constituents of the KKE have moved to Syriza, the KKE now criticize anything and everything that has to do with Syriza and Capitalism.

When you live in Greece and see the different political parties affect decisions by the party that rules the country, you are left dumbfounded. This has caused untold delays of progress, strikes by unionized labor unions that are networked with the parties, and ultimately is the core of negativity and unemployment that has become everyday life.

I will say that Mr. Tsipras is a young dynamic individual that may have potential and has opposed the ruling parties of New Democracy and Pasok but he and his party have proven that they contradict themselves (many times) and encourage unwarranted dissidence that in the end displays that their pretence for the salvation of Greece.

Case in point: The government assesses a tax and assigns it for collection through the electric company billing, Syriza fights against it calling it illegal, brings the issue to court, and disrupts the process resulting in taxpayers not knowing whether to pay the bill or not.  Some people do not pay the tax while others pay it knowing the outcomes of other similar past situations.  The government then goes to court and wins the decision.
The result is that the government must now collect unpaid taxes from thousands through individual effort requiring more man power (and therefore more cost) by the tax authorities.

In my opinion, Greece will continue to be part of the EU as long as Syriza does not win an election.  If they do, it will be checkmate for Greece.

A quote by Will Rogers:Make crime pay. Become a Lawyer.”  I wonder if he knew that what he said could be interpreted as criminals are actually making lawyers rich rather than fighting crime.

Living in Greece makes those who abide by the law feel like idiots while those who do not enjoy a free ride!

Mr. Tsipras Comes to Washington

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