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Troika and the EU Contradict Themselves

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Games Europeans play
Taxes, taxes, taxes, all I hear is about how Greece has not collected enough taxes from the people especially from the voice of Troika and Northern Europe.

Isn’t it odd though how at the same time that Greece is supposed to be accumulating taxes for the last 30 or so years that they are also supposed to sell or lease government owned properties that also include some unique homes?

Why do I consider that odd?  At the time that they have not met their proposed target of income from taxes, northern Europe wants the tax on the sale of properties to be lowered.

The EU and northern Europeans are forcing the Greek government to foreclose on those that cannot pay the taxes on their property by threatening more reductions for wage earners and retirees.

Germany rules because the Nazis of Hitler’s youth have come of age.  As in WWII the Europeans were living in a trance and it appears that history repeats itself again, only this time without firing a bullet.

When anyone talks of Northern Europe they really mean France and Germany.
Sure England can be included in that group at times but they undulate between being in and out of Europe depending on their interests.  As for Holland, they only want to remain insulated and unscathed from the economic crisis to sell their blood diamonds and veto anything that will affect them.  This is what the EU really is today.
Isn’t it obvious that the EU should expel Germany or will they wait to call the USA once again?

Reduce taxes on building materials is part of the most recent efforts by the EU to reduce prices on homes and buildings so that they can of course come in and make the Aegean their future.

While I agree that taxes in Greece must be collected, I cannot agree with the decimation of the people losing their homes to the barbarians (as the ancient Greeks referred to the non-Europeans).

The Greek government is quick to act upon the requests of Troika but as yet fails to confiscate the monies of those who have profited from tax evasion; a prime example is the now famous Laguard list and other bank lists that have been politically delayed.

Greece writes off billions from tax evaders

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