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Trickle-Down Economics For or Against the People

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The Trickle-Down Economics Plot Uncovered

Trickle-Down Economics is the term that is causing havoc for the middle and lower class levels of society.

The super rich discuss it, the British have examined it, the Americans, even the Pope, and others are talking about whether or not trickle-down economic theory really works.

According to the BBC report and others the concept is not working and even worse it appears that because government officials were the first to latch on to the idea that the economy today is now deteriorating at a higher pace.

Having a strong background in technology it is easy to understand how some people can amass a fortune using the Internet but there are other markets that have created millionaires and billionaires in almost the blink of the eye.

While I have no qualms against the rich, my distrust of western politicians has risen through education.  Is it any wonder that the status of education is the “dumbing down” of the next generation.

One of the most interesting discussions is between Jacques Peretti and Nick Hanauer who states that even though he is rich, there is no way that he can spend enough of his wealth to influence the economy to the extent that the middle and lower class can.  During the discussion Nick Hanauer refers to plutocrats and says "We used to call it Divine Right – and now we call it 'trickle down'.

The aftermath of the global crash caused by Wall Street along with years of corruption by the Greek politicians brought the destruction of the economy; with austerity as the plan of the EU and the IMF are doing nothing but draining the life from its citizens and businesses.

The current government known as Syriza continues to raise taxes to an extreme while destroying property values thereby closing businesses and increasing unemployment.

The reason I mention the above is that in the show “The Super Rich and US” there is a reference that is very disturbing regarding the purchase of large properties by the super rich that causes the locals of the areas to lose not only their homes but the entire disintegration of the original areas to create new playgrounds for the rich.

Does this scenario predict the investment game that will raze the middle class completely?

There is a valid fear by some of the rich and that is the revolution of the majority.

This is as much an omen to them as the fear of the majority by the idea that they will be able to protect themselves by buying their own army to protect themselves.

There is a very wise ancient Greek saying “παν μέτρον άριστον” Latinized as “pan metron ariston” that translates to all things in moderation.

The solution to the current economic problem is a completely new global tax agreement that will not allow favoritism or give any advantage to any country, politician, or company.


How the rich become richer.

The image above is from the following article by The Independent.

The wealth that failed to trickle down: The rich do get richer while poor stay poor, report suggests

Why attack ‘trickle-down economics?’ It doesn’t exist – and never has done

An interesting TV broadcast on the BBC by Jacques Peretti discussing trickle-down economic theory with various people known as the super rich.  Among those there are some who provide thoughts about the positive and negative side of the decisions by government that support the idea.  After listening to this you decide, after all it maybe your fate as well.

The Super Rich and US

Pope Francis: Liberals love his 'trickle-down' takedown

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