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The NSA is my Big Brother

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The NSA, EU, and Personal Privacy

We read almost daily how people want their personal privacy protected from the “Big Brother” in every country.

The minute a person registers to join a social network such as Facebook or Twitter or a business network like Linkedin they willingly provide information that discloses who the person is, what their likes and dislikes are, who are their relatives and friends are, and even their political preferences, why do they question whether they have personal privacy.

There are many users who allow anyone and everyone to be their friend on Facebook to show that they have billions of friends but what happens when one or more of those so-called friends happen to be a terrorist or criminal?

What I find ridiculous about the social generation is the lack of real social behavior.

Before all of these online social networks appeared, people actually took the time to write a letter, now it’s a sentence of five words on a mobile phone if you are lucky.

Anyway, as an information technologist I agree that we do not like or want governments recording or tracing our personal information but to actually say that people can stop them from intruding and extracting that information is impossible.

Anyone who lives in a country that is required to complete any piece of paper, documents that they exist and leaves bread crumbs for others to follow.  In the past it might have been a utilities bill, a credit card, or even a resume.  The use of any mobile device such as a mobile phone or tablet, or even a desktop almost always leave information that you provide to search engines and social networks.

The only difference in data accumulation today from the past is that it is easier and faster to do.

Ever notice how after you searched for something that those annoying advertisements appear showing either the same or similar products or services.
Internet users can stop cookie tracking when users can easily delete unwanted browser cookies using free software periodically.

The real dilemma for governments is how to exclude a citizen or a foreigner as a possible threat to a country?


NSA reform panel: Foreigners actually have privacy rights, too!

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